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Flare Energy Philosophy

Maximum and best method of using

the Flare Energy Philosophy to be healthy, beauty and diet.

Flare Energy System Product (FESP)

Flare has been made as a tool by the system of shape, colour and movement of high energy we found in nature.


Flare has gold plates with a honeycomb hexagon shape, a body with an acute angle and a spiral coil inside, with gilding on the surface.


Also, it boosts Flare energy by moving it, and boosts physical energy which harmonizes when it touches Flare.


FESP has been made by combining present leading-edge science and the basis of oriental thought such as medicine and the cosmos. It is developed to be an easy-to-use tool to boost human self-healing power or other energy, not as a therapeutic instrument.

Flare Principle

Next, we will tell you about dietetics, which inspired us to start developing Flare.

While researching and experiencing dietetics to have an appropriate diet, we discovered that nature always keeps us alive in ways such as growing vegetables depending on seasonal changes.


Let us see the relationship between food and nature.

The following is a summary of theory of dietetics:


Positive ingredients keep your body warm, and negative ingredients keep your body cool.

Too negative becomes positive, and too positive becomes negative.

Seasonal ingredients

Seasonal ingredients are ingredients to suit seasonal heat and coldness.

The principle of Shindo Fuji means eating ingredients which are grown on local land in the

local environment.

We classify food by the principles of positive and negative:

Positive food (which moves away from the sun)

Negative food (which moves towards the sun)

Food with centripetal force (which shrinks)… sesame seeds, grain cereals etc.

Food with centrifugal force (which spreads): melon, watermelon etc.

Salt (positive)

Sugar (negative)

Colourful vegetables

(red – orange – yellow – green – blue – indigo – purple)

+ (positive)         ~          - (negative)                       


Next, we see the case of radish (called Daikon in Japanese) as an example of a magnificent

natural ingredient based on theory of Dietetics.


We have summer radish and winter radish. They are both positive root vegetables. However, based on theory of dietetics, they need to cool down your body in summer, warm up in winter.


Summer radishes grow up with their leaves pointing towards the sun, which makes the leaves minus against sun’s positive. It becomes a negative vegetable which cools your body down in the summer heat.


Conversely, winter radishes grow their leaves sideways, to become a positive vegetable which keeps your body warm in the cold winter.


This is how nature saves humans and other organisms by growing ingredients

and herbs which suit living depending on the environment of the earth and the

sun. The study of dietetics was made with these points in mind.


Now, 13.7 billion years after the Big Bang, and 4.6 billion years after the formation

of the earth, they cause natural phenomena by discharging elementary particles

and electromagnetic waves into space, keeping all organisms alive including

humans. Also, we discover that many organisms live by adapting shape and colour

using natural power.


In desert areas, for example, cultivation is difficult, and we see a lot of trees with spines. Pines next to the sea grow to be coastal windbreaks in spite of severe environmental factors such as sand and rocks. Softwood such as pines can survive and grow in unsuitable conditions because they can adopt the power of nature more effectively than other trees by using their spines.


Softwood with such spines need more natural power to survive than other trees, and there is a similar pattern in the world of animals. Animals bristle their hair up when they are frightened or performing threat behaviour, whereas birds open their wings. They adopt more natural power by sticking their hair into air. The same can be said of humans getting goose bumps when scared or impressed.


Trees such as Japanese cypress and cedar are sharpened when they are growing up, and become rounded when they are mature. The same can be said of chicken eggs. Young, energetic chickens lay sharpened, elliptical eggs. Older chickens lay more rounded eggs.


In Shukendo, Japanese mountain asceticism, monks climb along the ridges to assimilate the power of nature into themselves and adopt it as much as they can.

This point means that sharper forms help assimilate more to nature, and promote activity as more power is gained from such shapes.


As we can see, plants change the shape of their leaves according to the suitability of soil condition, and they turn gold in the harvest season. Insects such as caterpillars, moths, butterflies and bees apply and adopt natural power more cleverly.


 ‘Flare’ is developed by applying colours and a variety of shapes of plants and insects.

Flare Theory

According to the Big Bang hypothesis, space had an extremely high temperature and density during the process of formation, and it scattered particles, which consist of materials. Accelerated collision experiments in physics today have proved that they formed a microscopic world of Quarks and Leptons.



The microscopic world (which is shown as a standard particle model) has six component

particles known as Quarks (first generation: Up and Down; second generation: Charm and

Strange; third generation: Top and Bottom), and six Leptons (first generation: Electron and

Electron-neutrino, second generation:

Muon and Muon-neutrino, third generation: Tauon and Tauon-neutrino), and there are

four types of interaction between those particles.


1. Strong interaction (caused by Gluon flying between Quarks)

2. Weak interaction

(caused by W and Z particles flying between Leptons. Weak bosons propagate weak interaction)

3. Electromagnetic force (caused by photons flying between charged particles)

4. Gravity (caused by Graviton flying between all particles)

Neutrons, protons and electrons are made by all these interactions. However, undiscovered Higgs particles are thought to give quantity to various particles.


A small piece of primitive Earth was made by countless numbers of active stars on the edge of space, 4.6 billion years ago. Similarly to other stars, rotation occurred, revolution, explosions, storms and lightning. Eventually the Earth was created, teeming with life, and eventually, human beings.


We see materials structuring our world, such as our bodies (or the bodies of organisms), consisting of protein, fat, water and calcium, which in turn include elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and calcium.


The atmosphere of earth consists of oxygen, nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide, which includes hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. The Earth’s crust includes metals such as silicon, iron and gold, and silver.

Making our bodies

The important thing for humans is making our bodies adopt life force to stay healthy mentally and physically.


Our universe was made by the hypothetical Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Elementary particles occurred at first, some of which subsequently turned into atoms, objects and the galaxy, eventually forming space. These conditions led to the formation of our own Planet Earth, and the evolution of an environment capable of supporting human life.


Saints described the invisible power which exists in space in many ways. Fuxi(a legendary founder of Chinese Philosophy), known as the founder of China, represented this invisible power by inherent Ki(a kind of living energy), and also represented the life activities of the human body which accepted Ki, as acquired Ki.


Furthermore, Gautama Buddha described elementary particles, the root of all things in nature, as Ku(Sunyata in Buddhistic Philosophy) 2,500 years ago. They are invisible and untouchable, they cannot do anything, but they exist and are animated. He noted the magnitude of natural invisible power, the way to achieve enlightenment on the basis of its power, and the splendor of reaching enlightenment using many terms in the Sutras.

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